Thursday, February 3, 2011

While I'm Waiting...

I can't believe its been so long since I've posted anything! Wow I've been BUSY with my Hannah Banana! :) Well we have been officially "waiting" on the waiting list for our little girl for 4 months now! Isn't that crazy?! We are number 7 on the toddler girl list! So exciting!

We had a great Christmas! Hannah loved seeing family in Kentucky and seeing snow was wonderful! We were ready to get out of the south Texas heat! I'll post a few pics of our sledding experience! Hannah LOVED sledding! She's quite the little adventure seeker!

Pete and I have been busy trying to balance work and home this month. We hope to get things in line at work so that I can take some time off when our little beauty joins us (hopefully) this summer! I can't wait to be home with her and Hannah! It will be quite an adventure I'm sure!

I daily try to figure out how working moms do it...keeping a clean home, cooking meals, tending to the childrens' needs, all the while staying on top of things at work. I am so blessed to be in the line of work I am, helping children with needs every day. It is extremely rewarding. And now that we have our own business I have the flexibilty to be home when Hannah is sick or if an emergency arises. That is priceless. Yet I find myself worn down, tired all the time, dragging at work and I feel like I can never catch up with paperwork or housework! I want to start exercising, eating better, knowing that it would help give me that extra energy boost... But it's getting started, getting over that "hump" that's hard for me.

I figure that while we wait on the arrival of our little girl it is the perfect time to try to incorporate more discipline into my life in all areas. Typically during pregnancy people gain weight, slack off on exercise routines, etc, but now that I'm "paper pregnant" maybe I can do the exact opposite! I am hopeful.

God has blessed us so much and I have confidence that this adoption will be completed in His perfect timing. We still have a lot of preparation to do emotionally, spiritually and physically (where is she gonna sleep?!) :) so while we wait there is plenty to be done!

There is a song that comes to mind frequently during this time of waiting. I want to make the most of this wait time....take a listen.

So while I wait I will strive to know God better, to imitate Him, to love others how I know He wants me to, and to serve... 

Below are a few pics of our little blessing...

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